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MELANIN: The Hidden Superpower Within Your Black DNA

Do you know the power of melanin and what it means for you as a Black man, woman, or child? Contrary to widespread belief, melanin has little to do with the pigmentation of your skin tone, directly. People die over their melanin every day. It has become especially important to those who seek it. The substance is now worth more than gold in dollar amounts. By now, I am sure most people have heard the term “melanin,” however, the objective of this information is not to inform you of what you already know or have heard about melanin. The purpose of this information is to take you a little deeper into the spiritual components of melanin, what it means for you, and how to use it to your own advantage. Yes, you can become more powerful mentally and spiritually through melanin. You may ask, how does this substance improve your overall well-being. You can use the power of melanin to protect yourself from viruses, heal any illness, astral travel, communicate with spirits, manifest desires, enhance sex, and everything in between. Once you know what melanin truly means, and how to tap into your inner-being; the possibilities are limitless.

So, what is melanin and why is it so important? Why are those who lack melanin so intrigued by it? Well, melanin is the substance of life. It is the basis of all living things. In its purest form, melanin is darker than anything you can imagine. Stop reading for a second and close your eyes. What is it that you observe? The first thing that you see of course is darkness. Go outside at 12am and look out into the night sky. Again, you see darkness. If you traveled to the depths of the ocean floor beyond the bathypelagic zone; it becomes so dark that you cannot physically see. All life originates from darkness. You would not be able to see the stars if it were not for the darkness surrounding those stars. That darkness is melanin, and therefore it is the substance of life. It is a substance that can be found within the blood and is more concentrated in certain areas of the body such as the placenta of the Black woman. Hence, now you know why the hospital keeps the placenta after giving birth. Melanin is secreted by your pineal gland or what you may call your third eye (more on this later). Those who are darker skinned people, have higher concentrations of melanin within them. This does not mean that if you have darker skin, you produce more melanin. It means that if you produce more melanin, you have darker skin. As a person of color, it is what gives you that ability to run, jump, and dance the way you do. It is the reason you heal faster after getting a cut. Have you ever paid attention to the black scab that forms over a cut? That black scab is the melanin from the blood, rushing to the site of the cut to heal you! Melanin is also responsible for your sleep. Keep in mind, darkness which is melanin. At night, that darkness triggers your pineal gland to produce melatonin. Therefore, melanin is responsible for melatonin production. Melanin is real life magical. Now are you starting to see why people who lack melanin are willing to kill for it? For example, the process of organ harvesting involves removing the organs from the body to sell. Melanated people have been kidnapped, murdered, and their organs removed from their body to be sold. It is not really about the organs themselves. It is about the melanin within the organs!

The importance of melanin is well known in ancient cultures. Our ancient ancestors knew exactly who they were. This is why they studied the stars. They understood their direct connection to the cosmos through melanin. Do you know who you are? When you look out into space, the darkness that you see is not just empty space. It is what we call dark matter energy. That dark matter energy gave birth to our universe. Melanated people are the physical manifestation of that energy. That darkness is what you would call the creator. That which we call the prime creator, is not an actual person. All creation came from darkness or “nothingness.” In space, light cannot escape a black hole. But wait…wasn’t we told that nothing travels faster than the speed of light? This is false! Would light exist if there was not darkness? In the same context, life would not exist if it were not for melanin. As a melanated being, you have all the components of the creator inside of your DNA! This makes you a creator too! There is a spiritual force that lies within every one of us in the form of melanin. Melanin within the pineal gland, gives you the ability to tap into higher dimensions through meditation, dreams, sungazing, stargazing, and sex. You can travel anywhere in the universe while standing in one place. It is all about focus and vibration. Once you have a deeper inner standing of what melanin is and how powerful you are with it, you can then activate it to use for your own personal advancement.

Now that you know a little more about melanin, are you ready to use it to become more powerful? How does one use this substance to enhance their own life? Let us first revisit the pineal gland. This gland is known as your third eye but is actually your first eye. It is the eye that you had before you ever incarnated into a physical body. It is the eye that you see with in your dreams while your external eyes are closed. It sits in the center of your brain behind the pituitary gland. As stated before, your pineal gland secretes melanin. The problem is your pineal gland can become calcified or blocked. To maximize the benefits of melanin, one should de-calcify their pineal gland. You can do this by means of meditation and direct sunlight. There is melanin in your skin which means you can absorb sunlight for energy. This is why it is so important for us to get at least two hours of direct sunlight daily. Without it, we can become mentally, spiritually, and physically ill. You are a natural energy conductor. Melanin is the most powerful energy conductor in existence. It is an even better conductor than copper or gold! Along with consistent meditation, you can incorporate things such as sungazing, stargazing, dark leafy green vegetables, fruits, and fasting to really get your melanin flowing. Now here is where the real magic starts to happen.

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