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Dedicated to Master Teacher 

Barak Shabazz the Flame Thrower


I AM GOD Ausere. As the orchestrator and creator of The House Of Ancestors, My team and I strive to bring you an abundance of knowledge and tools to become the greatest version of yourself. I was chosen to do this work. I was blessed with a gift to see, feel, and work with energy. As a male figure, I am not your typical "spiritualist". I come from an interesting background, and like you, I too have had to overcome many obstacles to get to this point. Every day we are presented with new obstacles. However, it is in pain, we find strength. It is in darkness, we find light. This is what I've learned over time by tapping into parts of myself I didn't know existed. Most of us haven't even begin to reach our full potential or accessed our GOD self. I awakened to my abilities over 10 years ago, and decided to continue on this path and never look back. I began to experience things such as astral travel, lucid dreaming, and visitations as I became more aware of myself.

I come from a lineage of ascended masters, master teachers, and powerful spirits who helped mold the being I AM today. In recent years I've had to deal with the transition of some of these loved ones. This took a huge toll on me mentally, because I was so close to their energy. It is them who continue to assist me from the other side. They are my ancestors. This is why I decided to call this experience The House Of Ancestors to honor them. This is not about me as an individual. I chose to share my story as an example to others who may face adversity or wish to activate their energy or GOD self. At The House Of Ancestors we offer a number of products to help you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Most importantly, this is an invitation for those seeking light and information. You can literally book a consultation related to spirituality, metaphysics, and your own personal needs. Also we look forward to presenting you with online courses in the near future. Welcome to The House Of Ancestors. We don't just offer products...We offer an experience

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