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How Your Attachments Are Preventing Your Growth

Knowing when to let go of something can be an awkward thing for most people. As a child you learned to not hold on to anything hot for sake of not being burned. The first time you touched something hot, you did not touch it again. It only took getting burned once to learn that lesson. However, as you became an adult, you found it harder to let go of things. Why is this? The fact is as you become older, you become more attached to things. This comes from being psychologically programmed from an infant. In some cases, you feel like you cannot live without that thing. This can be in the form of a relationship, job, drugs, social media, food, money, or status. All these things can be drugs. You become addicted to the very thing that is hurting you. We incarnated here on this Earth to experience life, not become attached to it. This is where we must learn to separate the experience from the object or thing that is holding us hostage. Never give anything external that much power over you. This message is for everyone but especially the spiritually enlightened. To master oneself, one must first master his attachments. You should never be attached to anything or anyone, not even your spouse. Being in love is great, however, the moment you become attached to that person, your relationship will start to deteriorate. Allow me to explain further. Let’s say you are outside kicking it one day, when a butterfly lands on your hand. This is the largest, most colorful butterfly you have ever seen. You take a moment to admire its beauty before it flies away never to be seen again. This is how you appreciate the experience without becoming attached to the object. You were able to appreciate the experience without becoming attached to it. You were able to appreciate a beautiful interaction and let it go. Now on the flipside, let’s say that you like the butterfly so much that you capture it in a jar and screw the lid on as tight you can. Shortly after, the butterfly dies from a lack of oxygen and the inability to spread its wings. This is an example of an attachment. What happened to the butterfly will happen to anything that you become attached to. It will die. This may not be an easy concept to grasp but it is necessary if you wish to ascend to new levels of consciousness. This is not saying that you should not fall in love with your dreams or spouse. Absolutely, you should. However, do you love yourself enough to let it go if it no longer serves you? Do you ever wonder why humans continue to go back to things that they complain about? Some may complain about a person’s energy but continue to surround themselves with that person. Others may complain about their job but are afraid to leave. What you may or may not realize is that it is not the person or thing that is keeping you attached. It is not even the physical attraction. It is the emotion that you get from the experience that keeps you going back. Every situation has an emotion or feeling attached to it. Your subconscious mind records every experience you have. If the experience feels good, you naturally want to do it again. For example, your brain releases dopamine when you drink alcohol. Dopamine is the feel-good chemical produced by your brain when you experience pleasure. You may want to keep drinking because you like the feeling, although the drug or object itself is toxic. It is the feeling rather than the object itself that keeps you coming back.

Now there is this thing called soul ties which you may have heard of by now. This concept is more complex than you may think. We all have what you call an energetic field or aura surrounding us. This is your spiritual shield. The stronger it is, the more protected you are. The weaker it is, the more vulnerable you are. Some examples of things that weaken the aura are unhealthy attachments, fear, sadness, excessive stimulation, and toxic environments. Imagine you meet someone you like. In the beginning, it’s all good. Unless you are someone who can read energy, you do not recognize any subtle signs in this person. You engage with this person intimately. That is an energy exchange. After a while you start to feel down. You think nothing of it. You later find that this person suffers from low self-esteem and depression. Because you were physically and spiritually engaged with them, you took on their energy. Now you too are depressed, and you do not understand why. This is a soul tie. This is an example of how being attached to something can lower your vibration and affect your ascension process. Each person walking this planet has an energetic signature. When you deeply engage with a person, whether through an argument, sexual contact, or even your thoughts: They leave their energetic signature within your aura or energy field. This is especially important and has an enormous impact on your life. You become attached literally. There is an invisible chord connecting you and everyone who you have a soul tie with. If that person woke up with a headache today, it is quite possible you did too. It is necessary that you learn to cut soul ties. It is an incredibly involved process and may require assistance from someone advanced in working with spiritual energy. Now can you see how these attachments can destroy you internally if not dealt with? This is barely scratching the surface. We could go on for days just on soul ties alone.

The only constant in the universe is change. Everything is constantly changing. Becoming easily attached to things will make you resistant to change. When you are not flowing with the natural order of the universe, you are unbalanced. We are living in times that require intense inner work to level up. You did not come into this world with any of the things you are attached to, and you will not leave with them. It is important to remove certain attachments from your life to make room for new experiences. For those who wish to ascend to the next level, you must give up something. Every time you go to a new level in your life, it requires a sacrifice. If you lose something that you have, never panic. Sometimes the universe is removing one experience to bring an even better one. However, if you cannot let go of the old, you cannot experience the new. Remember, the greater the sacrifice…the greater the reward.

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