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Did you know that your spiritual life force energy directly affects your physical health? Most people do not think about their sickness or physical conditions being caused by their own spirit or life force energy. They assume because the symptoms are in the physical body that the origins must also be physical. When you become ill, your first stop is most likely a physical doctor. While the physical body must be cared for, it should not always be the first thing you treat when you have a condition. All sickness or dis-ease starts from an imbalance in your life force energy or what the Chinese call “chi” or “Qi.” The idea is to have a strong flow or spiritual energy flowing through your body to prevent any physical condition from occurring in the first place. Prevention is better than treatment. If you can keep your chi or life force energy at a certain level, then you are much more likely to avoid certain physical conditions.

There are times when one may feel unwell but a trip to the doctor turns up nothing. In this case you should take a closer look at your spiritual health. Many of us do not realize that trauma is stored in the body. If you have childhood trauma or PTSD from any life altering events; that energy can be trapped inside of your body, resulting in health challenges. For example, you may have issues speaking up for yourself. This creates a block in your throat chakra. A blocked throat chakra can result in conditions such as laryngitis, chronic cough, thyroid disorders, and hoarseness. Another example is that you may have never gotten over a relationship or loss of a loved one. This literally leads to a broken heart. Grief and heartache can affect your heart chakra. If not dealt with, this can result in heart disease and other heart related illness. Both examples show how imbalances in our spiritual bodies can affect our physical bodies. Pain in the upper back, shoulders, or neck can mean you are burdened or carrying too much of a load. Another thing to note is that your emotions are associated with certain organs of the body. For example, fear is associated with the kidneys and adrenals. Excess fear can cause bladder and kidney issues. These are just some examples of how different energies affect the body. We could explore several topics on the chi, the chakras, and spiritual illness. The focal point here is to make you aware of how your spiritual health is affecting your physical body. We should not neglect our physical health. We tend to focus more on the physical body than the spirit. The physical vessel is a temporary vessel for the spirit. Once the body is gone, the spirit will still exist. It is just like you getting inside of your car and driving it. The car does not move unless you are inside the car to operate it. Likewise, the physical body does not move without the spiritual life force energy that drives it. Therefore, we need to go within and pay particular attention to our emotions. If you have pain or certain conditions, then you should learn the emotions and chakras associated with that particular part of the body.

Once we identify stuck emotions, we can begin to release it. If you are familiar with your chakras and how to clear energy blockages, then you are in the driver seat. Practices such as deep breathing, meditation, and forgiveness can help you fix energy imbalances. Also, things such as reiki healing, acupuncture, and massage therapy can help by working on the meridians in the body. That said, there are things that you need to do to keep your chi and chakras working harmoniously. The key is to keep your vibrational frequency high. When your frequency becomes too low, spiritual illness can occur. Just as when your immune function is low, physical illness can occur. Your vibrational frequency is like your immune system for your spirit. It is important to note that spiritual illness also leads to physical illness. Correcting spiritual imbalances can in turn heal the physical. This is not at all saying that should neglect the physical body itself. Physical exercise and proper nutrition go a long way. One should live in a way that the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional bodies are all balanced. Hopefully in our communities, we will start to take more time to get in tune with our spiritual bodies to heal ourselves.

Please note: This is for informational purposes only. Contact your healthcare provider for medical advice.

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