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Our Herbal Tonic Bundle is the perfect way to save on a variety of herbal tonics designed to support overall health and wellness. Each tonic in this bundle is made with natural ingredients such as moringa, soursop, aloe vera, and black seed, that are known for their beneficial properties. These tonics are gentle yet effective, providing a detoxifying effect on the body while also boosting the immune system and promoting overall vitality. Whether you're looking for a natural energy boost or a gentle cleanse, our Herbal Tonic Bundle has something for everyone. Give your body the support it needs with these powerful herbal tonics and experience the difference that natural ingredients can make.


This set contains 16oz and 8oz bitters. 


H-056 Natural Men Tonic -  8 oz.

H-065 Soursop Bitters

H-091 Activated Coconut Charcoal Living Bitter

H-094 Soursop & Turmeric Living Bitter

H-106 Black Seed Detox Bitter Tonic - 16 oz.

H-110 Essential Palace: Organic Moringa Detox Bitters - 16 oz.



Herbal Tonic Bundle (6 tonics)

SKU: M-P843S
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