The Metaphysical Origins of The Coronavirus aka The 7 Crowns
         With so much focus being on the coronavirus right now, there is a lot of unnecessary chaos taking place on the planet. One must first stop and think: Why is this happening now? These type of events are ALWAYS planned but I won't get into that at this particular time. Since most people are focused on the physical aspect of the virus, I decided to use my clairvoyance to breakdown the metaphysical origins of this virus. Yes You heard right, this virus has SPIRITUAL origins. One must note that there is nothing new under the sun. The coronavirus has a direct correlation to the stars. It's not that the virus itself is that important. It's more about this virus being used through certain metaphysical means to program you into a state of fear.
         In Astronomy the word corona is derived from "Corona Borealis" which is a constellaton of 7 stars which form the shape of a crown(Spiritually speaking, this constellation represents you being that you have 7 main chakras and the 7th is the CROWN). During the spring and summer, the Corona Borealis constellation can be seen in the NORTHERN hemisphere. In Greek Mythology it represents the crown that was worn by Ariadne during her wedding. Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos of Crete. The crown was created by Hephaestus, the goldsmith of Gods. The names of the 7 stars in the Corona constellation are listed as follows: 1. Alphecca
                                                                    2. Nusakan
                                                                    3. Gamma Coronae Borealis
                                                                    4. Epsilon Coronae Borealis
                                                                    5. Theta Coronae Borealis
                                                                    6. Delta Coronae Borealis
                                                                    7. Lota Coronae Borealis
      Notice how some of the stars in this constellation are named after brain wave frequencies(hence Gamma, Epsilon, Theta, and Delta). So if you are familiar with the vibrations of sounds such as binaural beats and brain waves then this shoul be ringing a bell. Each of these brain waves programs your mind into a certain state of consciousness. So what does this have to do with the Coronavirus? These same vibrations and frequencies are being used to program this virus into your mind. The Coronavirus is a mental/spiritual virus. Yes you read right, the Coronavirus is a virus of the mind!! The manipulators of the Earth plane programs this virus into your mind,  and it puts you into a state of fear which causes you to panic and do irrational things such as rush to the store to buy toilet paper and other unnecessary items. Remember that your thoughts are powerful so if you THINK you are sick then you are sick. While the majority of people are buying these physical items to shield them from a virus, you should be shielding your mind because this is where it is "contracted". I'm talking to YOU; The gifted, the chosen ones, the metaphysical, the spirit dwellers, the true Gods/Goddesses.
     Now let me take you to Ancient Kemet as I refer to the 7 crowns of Egypt. The 7 crowns of Egypt refer to 7 different crowns worn by the kings and queens of Kemet. 1. is the Deshret(red crown). The deshret is said to originate in "UPPER" Egypt. In Egyptian mythology Geb first gave the deshret to Horus to symbolize his rule over "LOWER" Egypt. Hence your "HIGHER" self rules over your "LOWER" self. As stated before, everything starts in mind first. The other crowns are as follows: 2. Hedjet(White Crown) 
                                                              3. Pschent(Double Crown)
                                                              4. Nemes
                                                              5. Kephresh(Blue Crown)
                                                              6. Atef
                                                              7. HemHem
Now each of these 7 crowns represent the 7 stars of the Corona constellation. In order to stick to the topic at hand, I won't go into each of these crowns at this time. To go even further, one of these crowns was worn by Ptolemy XII of Egypt who discovered the Corona Constellation. Not to be confused with the Greek astronomer Ptolemy who was given a false image to look more European. 
          So again, what does this have to do wth the current Coronavirus? Let's take a look at the fact that the Coronavirus has been around for a long time and was previously documented as another form of SARS(Stars). There are many different strains of Coronavirus just as there are many different star constellations. There is nothing new under the sun. The people who created this virus did so with the stars in mind. Using certain manipulation techniques and brain frequencies to program this virus into your mind, they put you in a state of fear. Fear is of a low vibration. To prevent this "virus" or any other virus, you must raise your vibration. You should protect yourself physically as well but that will only get you so far. You can't fight a metaphysical virus through physical means. The Coronavirus is a mental disease. Yes I said mental disease!! Just look around you at the mental confusion amongst the masses. One must turn off all distractions and tune into himself to prevent this disease from downloading into your psyche. The more you hear, see, and think the words coronavirus, the more you attract this mental virus to you. All the media hype about this virus, puts one into a state of mental paranoia. You must protect your crown at all times. Everything originates in the spiritual realms before it makes it's way down to you. This is very important. When you have a strong connection to the higher realms of the universe, you can see things before they occur in the physical and prevent certain things from coming to you. I assume that most who are reading this already understand this but some may not. This is a much deeper topic that I could go into but I just wanted to give you a general breakdown of the metaphysical origins of the virus and what it means for you. This is for informational purposes only. It's up to you what you do with this information. Please pass this along to others who are on the path to higher consciousness,

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